Taking a leaf from their social neighbour, Facebook, Instagram is adapting its profile page to cater to businesses.

Reminiscient of the CTA recently introduced into Facebook business pages, Instagram has been seen to be testing a new CTA button of their own, first spotted by Later.

If you tap the new 'contact' button to the left of follow, you're presented with options to email the business or get directions to their nearest store or physical presence. This is a great opportunity to get your customers and fans to engage and interact with you in a meaningful way, and will hopefully increase leads and ultimately sales for your brand.

Profile updates as spotted by Later (Click image to enlarge)

A spokesperson for Instagram confirm to TechCrunch that “we are testing new business tools coming to Instagram in a few months.” Short and sweet.

Instagram has ramped up the adaption of its platform to accomodate businesses as of late, most recently with the introduction of video ad carousels that allow advertisers to have up to five 60 second clips in a single ad.

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Another minor update is the testing profiles can actually add a category underneath the users name. Again, this is similar to Facebook and allows you to communicate quickly what your business is without having to do too much work.

All of these new features will help you to harness the high levels of engagement you receive on Instagram into leads, far easier than by putting links in your bio or emails in your location!

H/T: TechCrunch via Later.

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