In a bid to push video even further, Instagram has redesigned the Explore tab to feature new video channels.

The catalyst behind the move is that people are sharing more videos than ever across most, if not all social platforms, not just Instagram. 

To keep on top of the video revolution, you'll now find a personalise video channel called "Videos You Might Like" on your Explore tab. Unfortunately, this is just for US app users at the moment, but Instagram has said they are looking to roll it out worldwide at some point.

Instagram Explore Tab Updates


The "Videos You Might Like" section collections clips from the Instagram community as a whole and stitches them together (akin to Snapchat's new story update or Twitter Moment's.)

The more videos you like, the more Instagram learns what to show. If you don't like a video, flag it as such and see less of that type of content in the future.

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Alongside "Videos You Might Like," Instagram are rolling out "Featured" channels with videos on specific topics, events or personalities.

On the plus side, this Explore tab update seems to be holding off the algorithmic change to timelines that has everybody freaking out and turning on post notifications for. You don't need to do that just yet... Yet. 

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