Introducing Analytics to Fetch!

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It's been a busy couple of months but we're extremely delighted to announce our new analytics and reporting dashboard for your Fetch social campaigns!

You can access analytics for your individual Feeds by clicking the bottom right tile on your Fetch dashboard, or clicking the link on the left-hand sidebar, living just under 'Embed'.

How Will Analytics Help My Social Campaign?

Knowing your stats and campaign performance is vital for any social media or marketing manager. It means you can review the effectiveness of your social and hashtag campaigns or social wall without needing to sift through individual analytics of the networks themselves.


Analytics will give you stats and performance for your marketing campaign

What Analytics Does Fetch Provide?

Our analytics addition provides you with an overview of how many posts you have aggregated within your Feed since starting your campaign and lets you quickly see the total number of posts that you have either approved, rejected or have pending curation.

If your Feed and social campaign connects to a variety of different channels e.g. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram; you'll be able to see a breakdown how many posts originated from each channel. This is incredibly useful to identify which platforms are most effectively producing and distributing user-generated content relating to your goals. 

Finally, and most importantly, our Analytics provides a breakdown of the number of visitors, interactions and engagements with your Feed. See at a glance your total visitors, total number of Feed impressions and total number of link / button CTA clicks.

Fetch in-platform Analytics

Analytics offer insight into how much content is on your feed

Final Thoughts

While I know Analytics doesn’t get everyone as excited as me, it does offer a very intuitive addition to provide insights into engagement levels and ROI. 

By adding Analytics to the Fetch platform it means that not only can you create stunning social displays or walls, you can now explore and identify what impact this has had on you and your brand. 

You can start using and analysing user-generated content in your marketing strategy today; contact us to explore the possibilities for your brand or sign up for free today.

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