MTV 'Cribs' Is Making a Return... on Snapchat

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Feeling nostalgic? Not to worry! A blast from the MTV past, Cribs is being revived... just on Snapchat instead of TV.

Chances are if you had access to MTV at any point throughout the noughties, you would've caught a glimpse of MTV's beloved Cribs in all of its glory. If you haven't seen an episode, we recommend you hit "Mariah Carey Cribs" into Google and watch her take a bath... in a towel. Yes, really.

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While we're sure we won't be seeing much of that in its reboot, the move to Snapchat is an effort to connect with the social media generation in a more intimate manner (though we're not sure you can get much more intimate than watching Mimi take a towel-bath).

The new series will include tours from Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills according to Variety. It's okay, we don't know who they are either, but if the launch goes well, we may see some bigger names and more iconic moments!

It will be making its debut on the MTV Discover Snapchat channel at some point in June, with episodes to air weekly. 

H/T: Variety via The Verge

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