In the playing field of live video, Twitter-owned Periscope is having to do everything it can to keep up with Facebook Live's thick and fast updates.

Last month, Facebook Live improved its streaming platform with a number of large-scale updates, including opening up the ability to broadcast live from drones. This month, Periscope is doing the same.

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We don't know which platform started developing the feature first, but the chances are they were both heading in that direction anyway.

Mashable gained access to take a peek at the new features, which also includes saving streams – which currently disappear after 24 hours – and an updating ability to search and share streams.



In the update, a user will have the ability to broadcast from a supported DJI drone but connecting their iPhone to the drone's remote. They can then proceed to switch between the drone, their iPhone and even their GoPro. 

Periscope said in their announcement that their "goal is to give you full control of your broadcasts". They are certainly welcome updates in the ever-growing live-streaming market, even if Facebook did it first. 

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Periscope is a fantastic way to integrate user-generated content into your brand's social story. Having influencers discuss your product or event during a livestream to hundreds or thousands of people is fantastic promotion and genuine human interaction.

We're always looking to integrate with new social platforms, and we are looking into Periscope as a new addition to the Fetch platform. 

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