An ever-frustrating part of Twitter for digital marketers is photos and links eat into your 140 character limit.

Luckily, this may be a thing of the past pretty soon. According to Bloomberg, Jack Dorsey is gearing up to roll a change out across that platform that means photos and links will no longer take up any character space in your tweets.

Twitter has been struggling recently to attract new users, and CEO Dorsey has been looking for ways to make the platform easier to use for those signing up for the first time.

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If photos and links are omitted from the character limit, could give users an extra 47 characters to speak their minds, dropping the 24 taken up for photos and 23 for links (after shortening) currently.

This update will give you more flexibility on both Twitter, and the tweets we pull into Fetch. It will give you a larger platform for commentary and description, with more chance to user engagement. 

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Earlier this month, Twitter-owned Periscope announced that it would be adding support for drone integration into it's platform, which are also embedded directly into tweets.

No word yet on when, even if, the character limit changes will be coming into action. But preliminary reports say it could be as soon as two weeks.

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