Slack. World domination. Those two phrases seemingly go hand-in-hand when discussing one of the most popular office communication apps ever. Seriously, it is.

What is Slack?

Rapidly conquering traditional office communication, Slack let’s all of your co-workers stay up-to-date through its real-time messaging app, avoiding the need to send long and loborious email chains. It lets employees communicate on active projects, stay updated on company news & announcements and use one of Slack’s many app integrations to find GIFs, facts about cats and keep on top of their tasks through services like Asana and Jira. It also creates incredible content autonomously.

Slack's Communcation App

Slack's application across multiple devices

The possibilities with Slack are incredible thanks to the amount of integrations it supports. Slack makes it ridiculously easy to get all of the important information inside of your channels in a streamlined manner. Whether you’re sharing a link, code snippets, marketing assets, PDFs, free downloads or just collaboratively working on a problem – Slack is packed with an endless stream of content. And that’s why we love it.

Using Slack as a Means of Content Creation

The content produced in these channels isn’t from external sources, it’s not from customers or fans who only absorb the information that you supply (even though User Generated Content is just as fabulous). Your employees are at the heart of the action, all day, every day. Which is why the magical phrase of ‘Employee-Generated Content’ can & should be a crucial element in your digital marketing strategy and a way to increase employee’s engagement and satisfaction within their job role.


Slack uses employee advocacy tactics both on and offline

Employee-Generated Content (EGC) plays a massive part in driving and delivering a better level of brand awareness for your employees. By opening up internal communications, whether through a television display or website embed, employees actively become more involved and engaged with all aspects of the business, as well as getting to know their co-workers even better. It is especially useful for teams who are split over multiple time zones!

It doesn’t end with your employees, either. Your company’s fans, customers and advocates are more likely to trust content coming from your employees than your brand and CEO themselves, according to Edelman’s 2016 Trust Barometer survey.

How You Can Use EGC Generated by Slack

Here’s a few ways you can use Slack to start generating content from your employees, often feeling like you’re not really putting in much work at all:

  1. Celebrating Co-worker Milestones

    It’s a great feeling to bond with your co-workers and share important life updates, even better when people remember them! You can display EGC created by your employees in a #birthday or #celebration Slack channel on all of your office TV’s to celebrate somebody’s birthday or engagement, making the first thing they see in the day a message of congratulations or a happy birthday.

    Better yet, this content can be embedded into your website to creating a living content wall, showcasing real camaraderie between your team. Make said page your colleagues default the day before or the day of the announcement so it’s the first thing they see when they log on in the morning.
  2. Send Announcements Around the Globe

    For teams in multiple timezones, it can often be difficult to get important announcements out to the entire team. Whether a manager has an announcement about a special target that’s been hit, or an employee wants to announce that they’re expecting a baby, using an #announcements channel on Slack means that you can cycle through this content on TV display in your office. It makes a great conversation starter for guests in your reception area or waiting room, too!
  3. Showing Employees Using Your Product or Service

    Back to what we said earlier, consumers and customers love seeing content come directly from employees, rather than a brand or CEO. Making use of a #whyilove channel in Slack, with employees posting uses of your product or service in the wild (aka real life situations) creates authentic content that is believable to the end user, and often encouraging enough to try it for themselves.
  4. Making Meetings More Fun

    Increasing employee engagement can be something all companies struggle with at some point or another. Aiming to get those employees interested and alert during tedious meetings can be made a little easier by displaying content generated by them on a TV or projector throughout the meeting. You can interlace items on the agenda with jokes submitted by the team, or take song requests at the end of the meeting for a #djhour in the office.

These are just a few ways in which you can start generating and displaying content created with Slack. There’s a million more – you just have to be creative! Your employees and customers will thank you.

To find out how you can display start generating and displaying content created with Slack click here.

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